Our Aspirations

The Vision of the SME-CENTER Australia

To be a leading institution in Empowering and Developing Small Medium Enterprises in the Asia-Pacific region.

Mission (Enacting the Vision)

We aim to realize our vision by facilitating market access and internalization, building management capability and promoting entrepreneurship supported by innovation and financing initiatives combined with sustainable business practices. This will involve:

  • Increasing international marketing activities and promotion through sound strategy in entering the global market.
  • Establishing strategic alliances between SMEs and large companies or among SMEs.
  • Searching the International and Domestic market through Electronic Commerce.
  • Establishing a secure system of payment and trade financing.
  • Barter and counter trade.
  • Consulting in formulating information systems, in production technology and in management practices.

International Linking between APEC SME Centers

We aspire to support the goals of the Asian SME Centers in:

  • Establishing a global market information network system interactively, easily, cheaply for the Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and acting as a trading house for both domestic and international projects.
  • Assisting SMEs in improving their business capabilities in the global market by the application of Information Technology in promotion, business consultations, transactions, post transactions, etc.
  • Supporting SME Development Stages through education and consulting on a range of business topics.