Business Collaboration

SUSTAINING COLLABORATIVE VENTURES The Collaborating Team Virtual organizations are essentially networks of voluntary participants who cooperate to achieve common goals. For such organizations to be sustained, some person or group must be enthusiastic about realizing the vision of the organization or a specific project it undertakes. Some-one must be the “champion”. Some-one must establish and implement member network communication arrangements. There are both relationships and tasks to be managed. The ASME executive team takes responsibility for acting as the “champion” for our long-term informal network that explores possibilities, for establishing communication arrangements and for establishing other elements of infrastructure needed for ASME operation using ICT tools. Members of the Executive Team may also take a role in shorter term projects as ASME members The Current Collaborating Team Ron Beckett Ron has global experience in the aerospace industry, in regional SME capability development, and in the establishment and operation of collaborative ventures. He has held executive positions directing R&D, manufacturing and corporate change, and has been on a number of government and industry advisory boards. He has managed a consultancy network focused on building capability when the operating environment changes. Ron is an Adjunct Professor at the University of Western Sydney where he researches best practice in innovation, collaboration and knowledge management. John Carter-Nicholas John has global experience in funds management, economics and psychology. He has held Directorships/Senior management positions with major Australian finance houses, banks and insurance companies. John has helped both for-profit and not-for-profit enterprises form networks of active partnerships to facilitate economic activities and community engagement. Bruce Hocking Mr. Bruce Hocking is an experienced Sydney solicitor and company secretary. Since 1999 he has been the Secretary and Director of Australian Medical Cooperative Ltd which has a membership of over 700 medical practitioners. Mr. Hocking is also the company secretary of a number of companies in various fields and was previously company secretary for the Australian ASX-listed medical company, Safety Medical Products Limited , and is a partner in AMC Law, the proprietor of Martin Place Lawyers and a director of DC Legal.  James The Tjoean was a foundation member of the very successful SME-CENTERS in Indonesia, and has considerable experience in the practicalities of engaging with SMEs and building capability. Currently as the Global Coordinator of APEC SME-CENTERS, James remains as an honorary advisor in the APEC SME Centers initiative, and his advice has been sought by many member countries. Always Seeking Improvement Our objective is to establish networks that lead to a flow of value adding transactions. These transactions may exchange money or knowledge, but they provide the basis of sustainable operations. The way we see things working is illustrated below: Collaborative ventures have proven potentially difficult to establish and sustain. Some are only intended to last for one project. We want to maximize value-adding transactions and minimize house-keeping transactions. We have adopted a collaboration life-cycle approach to the management of our activities based on many years of academic management research. This gives us a clear view of the stages of development of a particular collaboration, and stimulates us to regularly ask “where to next?” The Pursuit of Innovation We wish to promote a spirit of collaborative innovation and entrepreneurship within our membership that is also reflected in the way we work. We believe that as a collection of SMEs with limited resources, we need to continually look for new and better ways to do things. This means, amongst other things seeking partnerships beyond our membership both in relation to business matters and in relation to capability building. At the time of writing this document a group of ASME members are cooperating in smart card and bio-metric recognition technology projects For collaboration requirements and opportunities, please email to