Smard Card

EMV Compliance

Europay, Mastercard and Visa (EMV) Compliance is primarily aimed at maximizing security in transactions involving elements such as software, hardware (including migration from magnetic to smatcards, EFTPOS, biometric enabled security features integrated to the bank back-end systems).

In respond to the said EMV mandate and Bank Indonesia's regulation, APEC Australasia Biometric Consortium (ABC) members offered their consultancy service and expertise in the area of EMV Compliance tailored to customer needs. One of the elements in the provision of security for EMV compliance solution is through the use of smartcards. Smartcards are the safe and the most reliable mechanism to combat escalating counterfeit fraud in the world today. It is also the most versatile payment tool available today because it is able to offer the financial institutions different multi-applications on a single chip. These multi-application smartcards can be customized into the financial transaction medium thus offering the cardholders secure biometric enabled authentication features. With low-cost entry level smartcards, ABC has the capability to integrate the widest, most cost-effective multi-application in the marketplace. ABC is cooperating with global vendors of smartcards, EFTPOS, biometrics scanners, capture devices, algorithm to provide secure transactions solutions.