Building on our conviction that innovation is the foundation for progress  SME-CENTERS started in 1991 its development in the security system arena to provide our members with truly secure transaction platform.  In the process SME- Indonesia  pioneered the first biometric application systems for banking which provided security in many areas of financial applications. We have devoted a great amount of management attention to develop total solution in biometric applications. To achieve our goal of prominence and acceptance such as our BASidentity systems we alliance with our partners in sharing success. BASidentity provides innovative biometric authentification system that makes it simple and cost effective to integrate high performance fingerprint identification into the software application used by banks and other financial transaction processing. Today's financial service applications lack the positive identification of employees and customers. Almost all bank and financial identification still rely on password and card system as security. BAS identity Biometric takes advantage of the unique human finger to provide positive identification. By using advanced computer techniques, SME-Centers Indonesia provided turnkey solutions offering distributed, scaleable client/server architecture and apply our standard-based biometric software. SME-Centers Indonesia is using software-based biometric system, BASidentity permits the use of industry standard, off-the-shelf hardware components. This can be standalone or networked or used with a modem. For network solution, the Front End identification workstations and Electronic Data Capture device perform finger image capture or verification with the optional capability to be configured to capture photographs and signatures. A back end verification and certification server provides centralized identifier matching and database management.

BAS identity Fingerprint System in Action

Fingerprint identification system based on BASidentity technology implements a four-step process :

  • Capture fingerprint of the individual's fingertip with a scanner.
  • Digitize the scanned fingerprint and evaluate it for quality.
  • Compute fingerprint identifier by mapping the minutiae in the friction-ridge pattern. Minutiae are the points where individual ridges end or bifurcate (branch apart).
  • Perform a verification, a certification, or an enrolment.

Verification is a "one-to-one"match that confirms the positively: Is this person really who he/she claims to be? The identification process compares the new identifier against a previously generated identifier: (Stored identifier is selected on the basis of other information, such as pin or account number or name.)

Certification is a "one-to-many" match that answers the question: Has this person been known to the system under a different name? The identification process compares the new identifier against all other previously generated identifiers.